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Spring Pollen in the Air in Cary, NC


We are having a little typical spring pollen in the air in Cary. I caught this hazy air the other day.
Today I ran up to North Raleigh, and at one point, it seemed like a yellow blizzard, with hazy yellow/green pollen blowing across the road.

Ah, Spring in North Carolina!

2 thoughts on “Spring Pollen in the Air in Cary, NC

  1. Mike – the pollen has gotten really bad here. My mom told me it’s supposed to be worse than normal this year, so I’m starting the claritan as I already feel the impact.


  2. Hi, Debbie,
    Our bad pollen starts when the stuff you can see is gone. It is the pollen you can’t see that is small enough to bother you.

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