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Zoysia sod makes a great lawn in Cary NC

Zoysia Sod Installation

We are seeing more and more real estate listings touting “drought-tolerant Zoysia grass” in the Cary area. I think there is merit to that promotion by listing agents and home sellers. I had Empire Zoysia sod installed last week at home.  In near 100 degree heat.  It is supposed to be a "warm season" turf, and I surely hope so.

Green Level Environmental Landscaping did a great installation, and I was impressed how the crew pressed through the heat to finish.

Why Zoysia?  It will turn brown in winter, and some folks don't care for that.  But, it also will deal with the stresses of hot weather, will spread to repair itself, and will tolerate more abuse than fescue will.  Zoysia grows thick like carpet and offers a luxurious lawn grass.




I also shot some Before, During, and After photos of the project:





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