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Privacy Policy

My Privacy Policy, true on all pages of this site:
As a REALTOR® and a regular citizen just like you, I value and respect the privacy of personal information.

I do not like where the internet is trending, toward evermore collection of personal information for the purposes of spamming, tracking, and otherwise violating personal privacy.  So, I tend to leave people alone unless they initiate contact with me.
I do not sell, rent, barter, or trade any personal information at any time.  I do not send out bulk emails.  I do not cold call to pitch my services.  I adhere to the rules of CAN-SPAM regarding email communications.

If you would like more information regarding my privacy policy, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

1 thought on “Privacy Policy

  1. Mike – thanks for sharing this — privacy is very important and I repsect that you are not only willing to provide your privacy policy but also equally impressed that you have one.


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