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A winter cold snap in Cary, and a tour through the weather archives

The current  cold weather in Cary is expected to last several days.  Weeks even.  What better time to visit the weather archives?

Here are a couple of sites that visitors and residents in the Raleigh Cary area will find helpful and interesting.

 The National Weather Service in Raleigh and WRAL TV offer a wealth of historical data on weather events.  NWS/Raleigh has data and reports for those with a need for great depth of data and a strong meterological bent.  For the layperson, WRAL has photos  and news reports on their site.

 You can see information on hurricanes, ice storms, heat waves, thunderstorms, tornadoes, ad infinitum.  It is amazing to look at that list while reflecting on how our day-to-day weather in the Triangle is actually very agreeable.

My “favorite” (torturous) weather event was the 24 inches of snow we received on January 18-25, 2000.  At that time we lived on the “2” in the “24” in this Snow Accumulation Map from the National Weather Service in Raleigh and NC State University.  That storm and the resulting state of emergency even made the news on CNN.

At first my sister in Asheville accused us of “stealing” their snow.  When we got to two feet, she was quieter about that.  We lived with that snow for three weeks, and constantly worried about losing electric power.   And we had moved here in 1997 to get AWAY from these things.

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