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New Home? Have it inspected just like an old one!

When I work with folks who are having a new home built, I always bring up the topic of home inspection. Some people decide it is an unnecessary expense. They assume that the builder and the local municipality Permits and Inspections department are adequate to produce a quality home.

But, good builders and inspectors will be among the first to tell you they are not infallible.

We had an inspection performed a couple of weeks ago on a new home. Did the inspector find a ton of stuff? No. It’s a good home.

But, one item justified the inspection. Scott found a roof truss with a slightly split top chord that had been missed by the builder and by the framing inspector. Not an uncommon issue and not a difficult fix in the field. The truss manufacturer’s engineer came out, provided a letter specifying the proper repair, and the builder had the repair completed. And my client got a copy of the letter.

That last line is the key. “And my client got a copy of the letter.” My client says he is on a 5 year plan. Meaning he tentatively plans to move up or out in about 5 years. If the split truss chord had not been located and resolved, he may well have been stuck for the cost of an engineer’s drawing and a specified repair in the future at sales time. Having it handled and documented by the builder takes that off the table in the future, at no cost to my client.

Home inspection on a new construction house? You Betcha!

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