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House stuff: Don’t let your garden hose flood your home!

See, that hose bibb, the valve in the photo below?

It has to drain free of water in cold weather. If water lays in it during extreme cold weather, the water will freeze and may swell and burst.

Hose bibb and hose

That hose still connected to the hose bibb can be a recipe for disaster.

When the valve bursts, it may be back in the interior wall of the home, particularly if the home is built on a concrete slab. If the hose bibb is installed in a crawlspace wall, there is less risk of water damage to the interior of the house.

And the pipe may not run free until the ice in it thaws. A 1/2″ water line with a split in it and running full tilt can make a whole lot of water in the home. Real fast. And can make a homeowner real sad. Real fast. Times 100, if it happens while you are spending Christmas weekend at Grandma’s house.

Even in a fairly temperate area like Cary, NC, we have risk of deep freezes. My hoses are already removed, so I just don’t have to worry about it.

So, disconnect your garden hoses. Put them away for the winter. Avoid adding the “2009 Christmas Flood” story to your family lore.

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