Real Estate: Cary, Raleigh, Wake County and Beyond!

“Don’t make decisions today that will limit your choices tomorrow.”

I heard that quote from another agent recently, and really liked it.What does it bring to mind?   Cary, NC, offers reasonably affordable housing to buyers.   And Cary also offers the opportunity to stretch into gorgeous luxury homes.  Discretion is advised.

Spending 100% of ones’ preapproved loan amount to get into a new house, without a plan to improve income to have enough discretionary money to enjoy life outside the house for years to come.

Getting 100% financing on a house so it will be years before there is enough equity to be able to sell it in a pinch or when that plum job opportunity in another town comes along.

Stretching two incomes to the max to be able to buy that coveted new home.  Without furniture.  Without draperies.  Without a chance at a vacation for years.  Without a prayer to replace the car that has 150,000 miles on it already.

When maxing out the finances for a house, one often makes compromises on decisions that are not even on the drawing board yet.  One can easily and severely limit tomorrow’s choices with imprudent decisions today.

“Don’t make decisons today that will limit your choices tomorrow!”  Indeed!

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