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The Town of Cary has a great email system for updating you on local events.

Cary, NC, offers access to more information than many residents realize is available.

Would you like to know what the street construction situation is on the Cary Parkway? I use the Cary Parkway daily, and appreciate regular updates on construction zones and timelines.

You can get updates emailed regularly from the Town of Cary.

Curious about the town’s Sanitary Sewer System status? How about an email with the Annual Wastewater Report.

Or, what did the Town Council do last night? This information comes directly via email. They send the link to the minutes website the next morning.

The convenience of autoemail news from our very active Town of Cary government has helped me stay in touch with myriad events and developments. I wish I had known of it years ago. I really appreciate the weekly Weekend Update, with news about concerts, art shows, and other leisure activities.

One caveat: The town must give up your email address upon any Freedom of Information Act qualified request. You could receive emails from third parties.

Register for autoemail updates here.

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