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Why would a real estate agent blog? A fundamental shift…

Why blog? Why a real estate blog?
It is a response to social dynamics. I can’t say that blogging has me out on the leading edge, only maybe that it keeps me from being far in the back of the pack.

There is a whole lot more than blogging going on in development of interpersonal communication, and coming to terms with change is daunting, since change seems to be happiest on an always shifting landscape.

Why blog? I read Seth Godin’s blog, and one of the messages that has stuck in my mind is his pronouncement of the death of “Intrusion marketing.” Seth says the public expects “permission marketing.” Gain the permission before the contact.
Blogging and taking inquiries from visitors to my blog is one way to accomplish that.

So, I don’t call at supper to tell you I sold the neighbor’s house.
Generally, I don’t call or email you unless you have requested the call, or are expecting the contact.
And the use of the internet and affiliated means of distribution of information, and collection of information, has positively exploded.
Even writing this post was briefly put on hold, as I took a phone call from a man whose wife located me on the internet. Best for him to contact me at his convenience. Much better than me calling him at home, at dinner with his family to promote myself.

I loved this video.

It points out the evolution of the means and methods and habits of distribution of information, the blindingly fast pace of that evolution, and illustrates the need to embrace changes in how we interact.

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