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Do you know where your HOA dues go?

Every now and then I get a call from someone who wants to know who the Homeowners’ Association Representative is in their neighborhood.

It happens because of my Neighborhoods blogging.  And it just happened yesterday.

Some Cary or Raleigh neighborhood residents pay dues to two organizations, their subdivision, and the Planned Urban Development, PUD, of which their subdivision is a member.

Some of the subdivisions are small and the HOA leadership is quite casual.  This is where the issue arises.  The residents may be writing checks, mailing them to a P.O. Box, and not even knowing who is cashing or depositing the checks.  It is often a neighbor who serves voluntarily or for a very small fee.

When that neighbor sells and moves away, or decides not to continue in the role, often the residents are not notified.  And there is no evidence of who is collecting the money.

Yesterday, I helped a fellow find a phone number to call.  His closing attorney had already called that number, and it was from a person who had moved out of state some time ago.  The best contact they have been able to find was  the woman who said, “I don’t do that anymore,” and hung up on them.  The question is:  Who did she pass the P.O. Box key to when she quit?

So, if you are looking at paying two sets of HOA dues, you may be well advised to know where the checks go, who deposits them, into what accounts, and what the purpose of those checks is in the first place.

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