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ACORN visits Wake County Foreclosure Auction

I went into the courthouse Thursday afternoon to see the turnout for the foreclosure auctions.Each foreclosure auction is different; and they are all the same.  Sad and bizarrely casual in appearance.  With someone’s home on the block.

Thursday, the crowd was immediately apparent, even before I opened the Salisbury Street Entrance door of the Wake County Courthouse.  ACORN demonstrators were present with a couple of banner signs and their “Save Our Homes” message.  They had had the foresight to tip off the folks at Raleigh’s WRAL-TV, who responded by delegating a cameraman to tape the proceedings.

There were more ACORN folks there than there were bidders or observers, and I managed to stumble into camera range and show up on the WRAL-TV news video.  Briefly, on the left as the woman paralegal cried one of the auctions.  The tall guy with the red necktie tossed up over his shoulder.  Making my mark in current events.

Again, as is common, all properties that were auctioned went to the 1st lienholder, with several postponements.  I hope that the postponements are successful efforts for folks to keep their homes, or to succeed in short sales, and to avoid foreclosure.

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