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More listing photos yield more showings

I showed clients six houses on Saturday.  They selected five and I added one.  I had seen one of the homes already, and so I previewed the other 4 they had selected.

At that point, I decided to add the sixth home to the tour, and previewed it.

I emailed them and told them we would take a look at one they didn’t select, since I thought it “stacked up well against the other homes.”

They agreed with me that it was better than some of their selections and was not a waste of their time.  So, I asked them, “Why did you pass on it when you selected the others.”

Mrs. told me she went past it because it only had 5 photos.  It’s that simple.  Buyers want photography.  The want to see photo tours, video, floor plans, all the information they can gather while making a decision to view a home.  In this instance, the listing agent would not have had a showing for her client if I had not known the neighborhood, the builder, and the benefits of the location.

Digital photography is free.  I wish more folks used it better.

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