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Sometimes I get nervous. Too many keys…

A while back, I was showing homes in a Cary, NC, neighborhood to clients.  We spotted a sign and called in for an impromptu appointment to see the home.  We got the appointment and the lockbox code.

The house was vacant.  And the front door was open…  A nice couple came out.   The man said, “What should I do with the key?”

Me:  “Uh… The lockbox, maybe?”

Him:  “Well…  It was over the door.”  And he started to put it on the ledge over the door.

I said, “Hold on.”

He gave me the key, and after viewing the property, we decided to leave.  I went to put the key into the lockbox, and… There was already a key in there.  So I put the key over the door where the other feller apparently got it.

This was a Seller who bought a cheap listing in the MLS and apparently was turned loose by the negligent agent who took his money.  Apparently the Seller kept a key over the door for his clientele, and one in the lockbox for Realtors.   What an opportunity for a mess!

I have thought about it ever since, and I wonder who would get the call if something was stolen, broken, or otherwise damaged, or if the door was left unlocked.  Would it be an unescorted, unregistered visitor, or a real estate agent who was unfortunate enough to be the last one registered to show the home?

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