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Paperless? No. Less Paper? Yes!

I have this great client, Mark.  We worked together to get him a renovation project, and succeeded in finding a dandy.
705 N Estes Drive 043

Now, Mark and his Mrs. live about 35 miles from my base in Cary, NC.  While generally that is not an issue, it is still 35 miles when I need an initial or signature on a form.  Rumor has it that the price of gas has gone up, and worse yet, time in the car is seldom quality time.

And repetitive scanning, like faxes of faxes, or scan to email, degrade the image with each copy.

Enter DocuSign. 

I subscribed to DocuSign through ZipForms.   ZipForms is my standard real estate form vendor, and I think the finest software solution available for that purpose.   It is so inexpensive, and provides such excellent presentation, I don’t see any reason to tolerate an inferior product.

ZipForms partnered with DocuSign to offer ESign.  ESign offers digital signatures on emailed paperwork, and this allows me to get legally binding signatures at high levels of security from clients with little effort. 

It works on any document that I can scan to a .pdf file.  I just select the file, click on “DocuSign,” create passwords for my clients, input their email addresses, place digital tabs on the image, and in a minute have a digital document ready to send to my clients for their initials and/or signatures.

I can choose the routing order, send to multiple clients, and receive the paperwork back without ever printing a page.  And if I have placed multiple tabs on the document, the client can not close and send until they have either initialed or signed all tabs as necessary.

With EFax, I can receive a document from another agent, tab it, and route it to my clients for signatures, and even send it to the closing attorney, again without ever printing a page.

And the image on my hard drive is always the fresh, first generation copy when I print it.

Time saved.  Gas saved.  Paper saved.  Clean copy.  What’s not to love with DocuSign?

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