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No photos or bad photos in listings?

Too often, homes go up on the MLS with no photos, or with really bad photos.  I wonder why? Repeatedly I hear from agents and Buyers that they pass on homes with no photos in the listing.

Will-O-Dean Acres 007

I tell my Sellers clients we will have good photos of the home before going on the market.  I  post the photos immediately upon entering the home in the MLS.  Our MLS software requires that the listing be placed on “Active” status prior to media uploads.  That causes a couple of minutes delay.  That is the only acceptable delay, I think.

It only takes about 5 minutes to get a couple of photos up with a listing, and about half an hour to post the 12 quality photos the Triangle MLS allows. Ensure that your agent has a decent digital camera.  Camera phones are not acceptable for marketing your largest single investment!  Does your agent hire a professional photographer instead?  Either way, the photos should be uploaded simultaneously with the entry of the listing on the MLS.

I have two good digital cameras, with one in the car at all times.  And with multiple batteries.  A picture is worth a thousand words of marketing, indeed!

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