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Land Ho! Selling Dirt…

Some agents avoid land and lot sales.  They don’t understand it.

Some agents pursue land and lot sales, because they think it should be “easier.”  Dangerous thinking.  It isn’t “easier.”  It is “different” from selling a modern house in a modern platted tract.  Raw land is just that:  Raw.  Undeveloped.  Possibly unresearched.

Typically, many professionals have been involved in due diligence ironing out issues before a platted subdivision is released to sell lots and build homes.

In raw land assessment, the Realtor assumes some of the due diligence responsibility.  Misrepresentations about material facts regarding land that the Realtor has never seen, never walked, never thoroughly researched can be costly to the Buyer and a source of great liability for Sellers, and the agents who are involved.

I like working with land, doing the research, probing the history and current status of the property, and walking a tract to learn about it.  I truly enjoy walking 2, 2o or 200 acres with a landowner who can tell me stories that I won’t find at the Wake County Recorder’s Office.  Land is more of a mental puzzle than typical home sales.  And, as much as people bring their emotions to their homes, land owners do the same with land that has been in the family for generations.

Books have been written about land sales.  The National Association of Realtors has a “Realtors Land Institute” devoted solely to the practice of selling land.  I am a member of RLI, and try to absorb as much learning as I can from their newsletters, mailings, and the knowledge base shared by other members.

“Under all, there is the land.”

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