Real Estate: Cary, Raleigh, Wake County and Beyond!

A year in photos with Flickr.

Crape Myrtle, Lagerstroemia Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC Stoneybrook Estates, Cary, NC

With over 3,000 photos posted, and over 8,000 views of photos, I have to say I really have enjoyed my first year using Flickr. I have the Flickr Pro account, that offers me unlimited monthly photo posting for only $24.95/year. A bargain, I think.

Flickr has served me many ways:

I can take photos of neighborhoods and send them to folks who make inquiries.

A lady called me from out of town and asked me to check on real estate she owned, without ever having seen it. 60+ photos later, she had seen it, and felt a lot better.

Flickr lets me post photos, and easily link to them in emails and blog posts.

Apex, NC, Kelly Glen

When I do a Cary, NC, neighborhood profile blog, I can link to the Flickr photo slideshow for that blog, and visitors can see all the photos I have taken in the area. I can do the same thing for listings, offering photo sets for the home, far above the limits of the MLS and

The features on Flickr are simple to use, fairly intuitive, and responsive. I have uploaded as many as 115 photos in one batch. It takes a few minutes, but sure beats anything else I have tried.
Yates Mill, Wake County Park, Raleigh NC

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