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Real estate isn’t war. I don’t “Capture” folks. Clients are not prisoners.

People are increasingly wary of web sites that require registration, particularly real estate sites that want their personal information as the ticket to searching for homes.

That wariness is warranted.  Agents are taught to “capture” visitors; that it is good business to “capture” them to be able to stalk them for business.

Just the term “capture” seems to indicate an adversarial stance from the beginning.  It seems to promote that increasing wariness of consumers.  “Capture” seems symptomatic of treating the visitor like a commodity, rather than a valued and trusted client.

So, I don’t do it.  You can visit, search, save, and email listings as long as you like.  No P.O.W. camp here.

Similarly, I don’t use toll-free 800 numbers for call-ins for listings.  Agents are encouraged to do that because Caller ID block doesn’t work on 800 numbers.  So the Listing Agent can “capture” your phone number whether you agree or not.  Ouch!

If you want details regarding neighborhoods or a listing, read my blog, or please call or email me.  The information is free, and freely given.  Would I like to be your agent, or sell the listing?  Sure.  But not under duress, or snatching your number through a subterfuge of toll-free convenience.

I think that is Cary, NC Real Estate done right.  At least, it is how I would like to be treated.

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