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Selling a home? Have it inspected first.

When talking about listing a home for sale, I nearly always suggest to Sellers that they have an inspection performed, and they do all repairs, prior to putting the home on the market.

Most Sellers are surprised at that thought, since “The Buyer pays for the inspection.”  That is almost an irrelevant point. 

The Buyer does pay for their own inspection.  For their own information as to the status of the home.  To request repairs, with the omnipresent consideration that they can terminate if there are too many repairs, or if the Seller declines to make some repairs.  This is the most stressful negotiating aspect of many transactions.

If you think we are now in a Buyers’ Market in Raleigh and Cary, why not avoid most of that?  Pre-Listing is a great time to be doing repairs.  Sellers can simply pre-emptively hire a home inspector, and proactively repair the issues that arise prior to going on the market.  On their own timetable.  Without a Buyer and a Buyer’s Agent pressing contract issues on them.  

Folks who live in a home for 5 to 15 years get comfortable with the condition of the property, and often unknowingly live with significant deal-breaking deficiencies.  Yes, the Buyer’s home inspector may find something.  On a home with any age, that is quite likely.  No one inspector is perfect.  But the stress of resolving 4 or 5 minor items in negotiations, vs. 25 or 30 issues of all types, is much less for all parties.

Pre-emptive.  Proactive.  I like it!

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