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Home shopping without mortgage preapproval is hazardous to your wealth!

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer:

That Mortgage Preapproval is good for YOU!  To protect YOU!  To keep YOU from being hurt.

Too many folks hurt themselves by getting under contract on a home purchase when they can’t actually buy a house.  And then the problems start…

It is sad to see someone lose a home on a financing contingency.  It is painful to see someone who is struggling financially get into a contract, pay for inspections, surveys, put earnest money at risk, and not get financed due to obvious existing credit issues. 

It happens.  Hopes are dashed.  Very sad.  I see blog posts about it all the time.

Get pre-approved with a legitimate, reputable lender, either a mortgage banker or broker.  Press to know that they have done a thorough job in the process.  Be ready and confident you can buy, and that your desired property is affordable for you.  This is not the time to rush through the process.

If a few lenders cannot give you a preapproval letter, listen to the reasons why.  There may be simple issues that you can cure in a matter of weeks or months.  Or it may take longer.  If you sincerely want to help yourself, that good lender will be glad to offer some guidance to help you buy a home as soon as possible.

Make your real estate experience a pleasure.  Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a home you can’t buy!

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