How to Pro-Rate Wake County Property Taxes at Closing: 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC

Wake County Property Tax Pro-Ration with video blog

Real Estate Closing and Wake County NC Property Tax Details

Wake County Property Tax Proration at Closing

It really isn't all that complicated.

Seller pays property tax through Closing, the date of deed recordation.

Buyer pays the balance for the year starting from the day after closing.

Wake County Property Tax year is the Calendar year, January 1 through December 31.  Your Closing Attorney will divide the tax bill by 365 days, and multiply the result, the property tax per day by the number of days for which each party is responsible.
And the total is the party's share.

If the tax bill has been paid already, Buyer will credit Seller at settlement for their share. 
If the tax bill has not been paid, Seller will credit Buyer for their share.

It seemed to be worthy of a quick breathless 60 Seconds in Real Estate Cary NC video blog:


Open Houses? I do them. 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC

Open houses work, but only if the listing agent REALTOR® works them!

Open Houses, in 60 Seconds

Open House?  Sure!

Some Cary listing agents often differ strongly on whether Open Houses "work."  Well, I say, Open Houses don't work.  Listing Agents work, and using an Open House as one means to market a property can be very productive.

My pitch, in 60 Seconds in Real Estate:


You CAN Sell a home in this Market, 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC

A short market report video, and how to sell a home in this market.

60 Seconds in Real Estate

Selling a Home in Cary NC

When you hear someone say, "Nothing is selling in this market.  No one is buying homes," they are mistaken.
Yes, you CAN sell a home in Cary, under the current economic circumstances.

*Price it right.

*Present it well.  Clean.  Decluttered.  Staged.  Repaired.  Fresh!
*Promote it.  Don't keep it a secret that your home is for sale.  This is where a great REALTOR® as your listing agent, with excellent marketing skills comes in.

My thoughts in 60 Seconds in Real Estate, Cary NC version:


Introducing 60 Seconds in Real Estate

Real Estate Video. 60 Seconds in Real Estate.

60 Seconds in Real Estate

I decided to dive into video blogging about real estate in Cary NC, and named my YouTube Channel “60 Seconds in Real Estate.”

That name relates to my belief that most videos are way too long.

So, I intend to be in the 1 minute neighborhood.  Preferably LESS than 60 seconds.  That is tough.  I get verbal.