A year in photos with Flickr.

Crape Myrtle, Lagerstroemia Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC Stoneybrook Estates, Cary, NC

With over 3,000 photos posted, and over 8,000 views of photos, I have to say I really have enjoyed my first year using Flickr. I have the Flickr Pro account, that offers me unlimited monthly photo posting for only $24.95/year. A bargain, I think.

Flickr has served me many ways: Continue reading “A year in photos with Flickr.”

Real estate isn’t war. I don’t “Capture” folks. Clients are not prisoners.

People are increasingly wary of web sites that require registration, particularly real estate sites that want their personal information as the ticket to searching for homes.

That wariness is warranted.  Agents are taught to “capture” visitors; that it is good business to “capture” them to be able to stalk them for business. Continue reading “Real estate isn’t war. I don’t “Capture” folks. Clients are not prisoners.”

Selling a home? Have it inspected first.

When talking about listing a home for sale, I nearly always suggest to Sellers that they have an inspection performed, and they do all repairs, prior to putting the home on the market.

Most Sellers are surprised at that thought, since “The Buyer pays for the inspection.”  That is almost an irrelevant point.  Continue reading “Selling a home? Have it inspected first.”

Home shopping without mortgage preapproval is hazardous to your wealth!

Mr. and Mrs. Buyer:

That Mortgage Preapproval is good for YOU!  To protect YOU!  To keep YOU from being hurt.

Too many folks hurt themselves by getting under contract on a home purchase when they can’t actually buy a house.  And then the problems start… Continue reading “Home shopping without mortgage preapproval is hazardous to your wealth!”

First time home buyers find the structural “Sweet spot.”

Blog fodder:

Home built in 1979.

In the structural real estate realm, that means:

Copper water lines, not the celcon-fitting class-action polybutylene that came along a couple of years later.

Solid hardboard siding, not evil class-action hardboard.

Copper wiring, not the aluminum branch circuits from the mid-’70’s.

No lead-based paint disclosure or tangible concerns, as in 1978 homes and earlier.

And this home was very affordable!

All in all, pretty cool, we thought!

Sold! 919 Madison Avenue, stylish and affordable!

Sold in April!  This starter home is one of my favorites.  It is in a supremely convenient location, sharply decorated, and exceedingly clean and well-maintained.  At $179,900, it is SO affordable, too! Continue reading “Sold! 919 Madison Avenue, stylish and affordable!”

Wake County, NC, Property Tax Reassessment has gained a LOT of attention!

Part of working in Cary, NC, real estate is helping people understand the local landscape.  I have had many recent conversations with folks who are concerned about the new tax valuations.  Many are convinced that their taxes are going to go up as much as 75%.

People are creating all sorts of new concerns, stressing about the effects of reassessment on their property values and the ramifications of new tax values on their home values.

“My tax value is low.  How will I explain that to Buyers?”

Well, tax value and market value are not tangibly linked in Wake County.  Tell them they are getting a bargain on their taxes. Continue reading “Wake County, NC, Property Tax Reassessment has gained a LOT of attention!”