Underground fuel oil tanks, “UST” Alert!

Affordable housing demand coupled with a growing desire for larger lots, mature landscaping and tall trees are factors that are driving an increase in requests for homes in older Cary and Raleigh neighborhoods. Continue reading “Underground fuel oil tanks, “UST” Alert!”

A flowery diversion from real estate

I have taken to shooting photos of typical NC flowers as they come into bloom.  Great fun, it is, trying to get a blossom on a long stem to hold still in the breeze.  I might have to get a tripod, too. I see quite a few opportunities as I pass through neighborhoods while stalking houses.
This one is a gladiolus outside our front door in Cary.

Gladiolus 004

And some poppies along I-40 near Lake Wheeler Road, on the south side of Raleigh:

photo whimsy 039

photo whimsy 040

We had a great spring azalea season:


Azaleas 007

Selling a home? Have it inspected first.

When talking about listing a home for sale, I nearly always suggest to Sellers that they have an inspection performed, and they do all repairs, prior to putting the home on the market.

Most Sellers are surprised at that thought, since “The Buyer pays for the inspection.”  That is almost an irrelevant point.  Continue reading “Selling a home? Have it inspected first.”