GreenNC Tradeshow, Raleigh, NC, September 9, 9 to 5

Under the auspices of the Triangle, Piedmont Triad and Charlotte, North Carolina Chapters of the US Green Building Council, and presented by NC State University’s Solar Center, the Raleigh Convention Center will be the home of the 5th Annual Green Building Trade Show for North Carolina. Continue reading “GreenNC Tradeshow, Raleigh, NC, September 9, 9 to 5”

Underground fuel oil tanks, “UST” Alert!

Affordable housing demand coupled with a growing desire for larger lots, mature landscaping and tall trees are factors that are driving an increase in requests for homes in older Cary and Raleigh neighborhoods. Continue reading “Underground fuel oil tanks, “UST” Alert!”

Cary NC Real Estate: Why I tell my Buyers to have the furnace checked!

Common HVAC systems in the Cary and Raleigh, NC, area, the packaged unit, also known as a “gas pack” is an efficient piece of equipment that contains both the AC unit and the gas furnace. Continue reading “Cary NC Real Estate: Why I tell my Buyers to have the furnace checked!”

Selling a home? Have it inspected first.

When talking about listing a home for sale, I nearly always suggest to Sellers that they have an inspection performed, and they do all repairs, prior to putting the home on the market.

Most Sellers are surprised at that thought, since “The Buyer pays for the inspection.”  That is almost an irrelevant point.  Continue reading “Selling a home? Have it inspected first.”

First time home buyers find the structural “Sweet spot.”

Blog fodder:

Home built in 1979.

In the structural real estate realm, that means:

Copper water lines, not the celcon-fitting class-action polybutylene that came along a couple of years later.

Solid hardboard siding, not evil class-action hardboard.

Copper wiring, not the aluminum branch circuits from the mid-’70’s.

No lead-based paint disclosure or tangible concerns, as in 1978 homes and earlier.

And this home was very affordable!

All in all, pretty cool, we thought!