Termite Time in Cary, North Carolina?

Termites need to be dealt with in the Cary area, but there is not need for fear and panic.

Welcome to Spring, in Cary, North Carolina.
Soon we will be into the spring termite activity season. Termites will swarm in attempts to settle new colonies. And they can be pretty dramatic when they swarm in and around a home.
This is also the time of year when termite control sales kick into high gear. Homeowners become unnerved by swarmers and have homes inspected. Evidence of termites unnerves them more and many will contract for a termite treatment. It is a busy time for the termite treatment technicians.
Don’t take termites too lightly. But, don’t panic over them, either. Despite what the TV ads show you, termites will not devour your home in a weekend, or in a week, or a month, or even a year.

Yes, they can get well-established, and over time, they are capable of significant damage. But, it is not necessary to hire the first termite control company that offers a quote. You have time to take a week or so and interview a few service providers, and make a choice without being in a terrible rush.
So, if it is time to have termite treatment performed, do it logically, methodically, and dispense with the fear and doubt that the television commercials are trying to provoke.

NC Turnpike Authority Information and Maps for NC540 in Southeastern Wake County

NC Turnpike Authority has a great deal of information available regarding planning for NC540 in Southeastern Wake County.

NC Turnpike Authority page with discussion

As the Turnpike Authority says, “Please note, these alignments are conceptual and have not been officially selected for the project.” 

They note that the corridor is subject to change, as it was created without environmental study.

It is quite possible that environmental considerations will require NC DOT to move the corridor or the highway, but this corridor study is a “must see” for anyone considering purchase in that area of Wake County, North Carolina.

If looking at a home in SE Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, SE Raleigh, or nearby unincorporated areas of Wake County, this information must be considered by smart home buyers.

Updated 11/15/2011

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